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Top Snowmobile Destinations In Canada

Top snowmobile destinations in Canada


Fernie, British Columbia is first on the list of places that are a must-visit for snowmobile enthusiasts. Thanks to the Fernie Snowmobile Association, more than 160 km of trails are groomed to provide some of the country’s longest snowmobile rides across five different areas - each one providing stunning backdrops to enjoy thrilling rides. Fernie is known for being a top destination for experienced riders, beginners and families, with plenty of facilities to help add to your enjoyment.

The Laurentians

The Laurentians in Quebec is known for being home to the first snowmobiler’s club in the world, and is much-loved among snowmobilers. With regular snowfall and almost 2,500 km of groomed trails, the Laurentians attract thousands of visitors each year. Each of the Laurentians trails provides some incredible scenery to enjoy, from the wonderful Diable mountain on the Mont-Laurier trail to the P’tit Train du Nord linear park, you’ll get to discover all kinds of sights, and receive the warmest welcome during your stay. 

The Bon Echo Loop

You’ll find the Bon Echo Loop in Ontario, one of the many renowned tours in the province. The Bon Echo Loop is a top snowmobile destination, and thanks to its stunning scenery and miles of challenging terrain. This tour comes in at around 232 km, taking you through the Bon Echo Provincial Park and the Ontario Highlands. As one of the top destinations for snowmobiling in Ontario, you’ll get to experience days of thrilling sights that will appeal to all snowmobilers. You will also find a great choice of accommodation to help make your stay even more memorable. 

Sicamous and Revelstoke

If you want to enjoy some deep-snow and incredible rides, then Sicamous and Revelstoke in British Columbia will be sure to deliver. You’ll get to experience both towns, and as they are lower elevations than some of the other snowmobile trails in the area, you could experience a more comfortable ride. The beautiful powdery snow and striking backdrops make Sicamous and Revelstoke must-visits for any snowmobile fan, and with some first-class accommodation thrown in too, this is a snowmobile experience you won’t forget.

The Iron Horse Trail

You’ll find the Iron Horse Trail in Alberta, boasting 300 km of trails that make it a great choice for some fun and exhilarating rides. Beginning at the Smoky Lake, you’ll get to pass through communities that take you through the White Earth Valley, Bellis, Moose Lake Provincial Park and many others. Providing a challenging ride, it will take you along the railroad line through some wonderful towns and historic sites, helping you get even more from your visit.

Chappell Creek

With an elevation that ranges from 6,000 to 8,000 ft., Chappel Creek is an excellent snowmobile destination. You’ll find Chappell Creek in Valemount, which attracts thousands of snowmobilers each year thanks to its wonderful powdered snow and stunning 36 km trail. You’ll get to experience some jaw-dropping scenery that will stay with you long after your ride is over. Ideal for a shorter visit, both beginners and more experienced riders will love exploring the delights of Chappell Creek.

Mont Valin

Another of Quebec’s incredible snowmobile destinations, you’ll find Mont Valin in the Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean region, within easy reach of Quebec City. With some of the best snow dropping each winter, Mont Valin attracts riders of all experiences, who take advantage of over six months of snowmobile terrain. Featuring a range of elevation, you’ll get to experience some of the most mesmerizing views Canada has to offer, with the Summit Circuit a stand-out of the many possible routes in the area. You’ll also find a range of accommodations to give you plenty of opportunities to relax after your days exploring the trails. 

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