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Choosing the Right Tires for Your ATV: A Comprehensive Guide

If you're ready to get rough with the great outdoors, then you need a good ATV. All terrain vehicles have everything you need to be able to navigate every terrain and ensure that you get the right experience when you are outside. They're an essential component of any off-road adventure, but if you don't choose the right tires, you might struggle with being outside and not get stuck. If you want to have a good riding experience, then you need to ensure that your tires on your ATV are the ones that they should be.

Choosing the Right Tires for Your ATV

There are a few key factors that you do need to consider when it comes to choosing your tires. It's not just about the tires that look good on your particular ATV, but about the treads that you choose, the terrain and the size of the tyres. Let's take a closer look at each of these factors so that you can determine which tyres would be right for your ATV.

Consider the terrain

Where are you planning on taking your ATV? The terrain that you'll be driving on really does play a big role in choosing the right tyres. Different terrains require different designs to make sure that you have the most optimized performance of your ATV. If you'll be on sand or mud, then you should choose tires that have deeper lugs to provide that traction that you need. If you're planning on driving on hard packed surfaces like gravel, then you need shallower lugs for better handling. Ensuring that you have the right tires, especially the heavy duty ones that can handle various surfaces, is going to make a big difference to your experience when you're driving. 

Think about the tread pattern

When you are choosing your ATV tires, you do have to think about the tread pattern that you use. The pattern will affect the performance of the vehicle and there are three main types of tread patterns that you can choose. You have non directional, directional and hybrid. Directional tyres have the V shaped pattern that is most popular and is designed for forward motion, so if you're looking for better traction on loose terrain, this is what you would pick. The more uniform pattern of the non directional tires are designed for handling the road better no matter what the terrain may be. The hybrid tyres have a combination of both patterns and are great for all terrains, not just the hard packed stuff.

What size do you need?

Another crucial factor to consider is the size of the tire that you need. It can affect the weights, the handling and the full performance of the ATV if the tires are not the right size. You might also find that there is damage to the vehicle and reduced performance if you pick a size that's too small or too large. The size of your tires can be measured out with a mechanic's help, so don't try to do this by yourself unless you already know the exact size of the tires that you need from previous fittings. You're a TV should be completely compliant on the road, and the size of the tires does make a big difference here. 

Making the decision

Important that you also consider your financial base when you are choosing tires for your TV. If you are looking at a budget, you need to make sure that you're picking tires that match said budget. Choosing the right brand of tyres is also important because you need to ensure that your ATV is on the road and comfortable where it would be rather than off the road. Choosing the right ATV tyres is essential for a safe, enjoyable off-road experience that gets you where you want to go in one piece. Think about the terrain, the tread pattern and the size of your tyre and then you'll be able to make a good decision.

Think about financing your tires

Choosing the right tires is easier when you know what your budget is. If you ensure that you are sticking to what you need as well as your budget, you're going to have a much better experience choosing off-road tires. Contact us for ATV Financing in Canada that makes sense, and you’ll gain the right direction you need for your new ATV tires.


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