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Breaking Down the Types of UTVs: Sport vs. Utility

Do you want to spend more time in the great outdoors, carving out your own path through rough woodland and across all terrains? Then you’re going to need to invest in a UTV! However, there are two main types of UTVs to choose from: sport and utility. Choosing the best type for your purposes depends on a lot of factors. As such, here’s a breakdown of the differences between the two. 

The Difference Between Sport and Utility UTVs

You should be able to immediately spot the difference between a UTV made for sports and a UTV made to be useful in most areas of life. Their general design differs in each area to allow for this various use; a sport UTV will look aero-dynamic, while a utility UTV will look like it can pull a load without a problem. 

Deciding on the best type to go for is all about your day to day life, and your desired use of such a vehicle. Do you want to race, and be as fast as possible? Or do you have a lot of journeying to do, say on a large farm estate? 

What is a Sport UTV?

When you buy a sports UTV, you do so to enjoy the ride. These UTVs tend to be a lot smoother to drive, are made to allow air to flow over and around them, and tend to be able to drive at speeds of 90 mph. That makes them good for both racing (amateurly and professionally) and participating in casual UTV driving. 

If this is the kind of UTV you’re interested in, it’s best to get to know the top brands manufacturing these types. You’re going to want the best the UTV world has to offer to ensure you can enjoy your hobby, and your skill in driving the UTV goes from strength to strength. 

What is a Utility UTV?

While a utility UTV can be used for high speed driving from time to time, these models are made for work. If you live in an area with patchy or slim roads, or otherwise rough terrain, they’re a better pick than trying to drive a van or truck. 

Utility UTVs are able to haul heavy loads and allow for more than one person to ride on a seat at a time. While sports UTVs have separate seats for driver and passengers, utility versions tend to be built with ‘bench’ seats. This provides greater room in the cab and can even be used as extra storage space. 

Which UTV is Right for You?

As we detailed above, the design difference in either UTV can be quite obvious. However, you may also have a cross need on either side. You need the speed of the sporty type, but you also need the capability of the utility version. 

Deciding the better element for your needs will take some careful consideration, especially if you’re interested in both types. Make sure you keep factors like speed, safety, and handling in mind when finally taking the plunge and choosing the best UTV for you. 

With that in mind, let’s go through what each type can offer when it comes to choosing one or the other. 

Choosing Sport

A sport UTV needs to be fast, and designed to allow for little to no resistance once you’re on terrain. If you’re able to, take the UTV for a test drive before putting money down. You need to feel comfortable in the driver’s seat, especially with a driving partner nearby. 

Choosing Utility

If you opt for a utility UTV, speed should come as a minor point. Instead you should look out for a model with strong frame and casing. Make sure you look into the reputation of the company behind the manufacture, to ensure other owners are satisfied with the work made capable by the UTV they purchased. 

Buy the Perfect UTV With UTV Financing 

No matter what type of UTV you choose, National Powersports Financing can help you to secure your investment. Both sports and utility UTVs are common in the recreational powersports scene, and we want to help new drivers like you get started. 

So, no matter your current credit score, we have an available UTV loan to suit you. If you’d like to find out more, you can message us through our Contact page. Or if you’d like to apply for your UTV financing straight away, you can apply now online.


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