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A Buyer's Guide To Choosing The Perfect Snowmobile

Watching your pals sharing those Instagram-worthy moments out in the snowy mountains can spark up a desire to experience the snow for yourself. Or you could be thinking of the next memorable adventure to embark on, whether alone or with family, this coming season. Going on a snowmobile adventure is the perfect option. However, with so many options, picking the perfect one for your first ride can be overwhelming. So, how do you pick the best one for you? This buyer’s guide should be useful for choosing the right snowmobile. 

How to Pick the Best Snowmobile for You

What’s Your Ride Style? 

What’s your snow adventure going to look like? Will you be hauling your ice fishing hut onto the lake or cruising up the mountains? What you intend to do with your snowmobile can help you choose the best option for your activity. You could be considering towing your kids along or making quick trips to the corner store when shovelling out the truck feels like a chore. It all boils down to the kind of ride you have in mind. 

For newbies, you can consider entry-level snowmobiles known as trail models. These rides have engines with 60-70 horsepower, making them easy to ride and pretty budget-friendly. They often come with neat features like an electric start for an easy kick-off and an electric reverse for slick navigation. Lightweight and easy to handle, these sleds are a top-notch way to dip your toes into snowmobiling. Below are some other options to consider:

Performance Snowmobiles 

If you’re diving into the high-performance scene, these snowmobiles are like the race cars of the snow world. Think engines cranking out 85 horsepower or more. They pack more punch than the newbie rides due to their bigger engines and extra gear like suspension systems and shock absorbers. These beasts usually have striking features like reverse gear and electric start, aiming for top-notch performance and a real responsive ride. 

Mountain Snowmobiles 

For those daredevils hitting the mountains, you’re in for a treat with mountain snowmobiles. These rides are built long and narrow to tackle the hilly, powdery terrains. Specially designed with long lug tracks, they glide through that heavy, deep powder like a champ. With high horsepower engines tailored for higher elevations, these sleds are all about conquering the mountains with superior handling and agility. 

Touring Snowmobiles 

Touring snowmobiles are popularly known as the comfort kings. Built for two, some even throw in a backrest for that extra comfy touch. Expect side mirrors, bigger windshields, and, of course, excellent reverse gear and electric start. These sleds are larger and heavier, built for long-haul trips in absolute comfort. The longer track cushions your ride, adds stability for two riders and feels downright cosy. 

What Is Your Budget? 

Financing is a crucial aspect of the final choice you make for your snowmobile. How much are you looking to spend on a snowmobile? Determining how much you’re willing to spend will decide whether you get a fresh ride or settle for a used sled. However, either has its perks. For instance, if you’re buying brand-new, you may be guaranteed a warranty if anything goes bad. But remember, it’s not just the cost of the sled you’re looking at but the budget for gear, permits, fuel, and all those sled add-ons, too. You can check out a few pre-owned options online. Meanwhile, new may not always mean better, especially for your first ride. Sometimes, a sled that has already had a few miles is more oiled for your debut journey. The goal is to find a sweet spot to start if you’re dipping your toe into snowmobiling on a budget. 

Do You Have A Permit Or License?

Before using your snowmobile, you must ensure you have the proper paperwork. Every province and state has unique rules about licensing and registering your snowmobile. You can get the lowdown on licensing through your local snowmobile association or even your state’s natural resource office or highway department. Remember, the licensing might differ from place to place, so it’s best to check in with your local snowmobile association for all the specifics. 

Finance Your Perfect Snowmobile With National Powersports Financing 

Finding the perfect snowmobile is vital for enjoying an exciting outdoor snowy adventure. When it comes to picking out a new snowmobile, the options are numerous. But no worries - this guide should clear up some of that confusion. If you’re ready to dive into this thrilling adventure of getting your first snowmobile, National Powersports Financing has your back. We are your ticket to making your snowmobile dreams a reality. With our tailored snowmobile financing options, we’ll help you slide into your first snowmobile hassle-free. Contact us or fill out our quick application to get started.


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